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Are you planning to launch a website for your company? Are you looking to improve the output of your current WordPress site? WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems (CMS) for creating websites.

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WordPress holds a market share of 63.1% in the CMS Market!

That is correct. WordPress is used by more than 43.1% of all websites and holds a 63.1% share of the global CMS market. However, the about page estimates this number to be slightly lower at 42%.

We Provide Best WordPress website Design Services

We are experts in creating and managing attractive WordPress websites. We customize the website according to the client’s requirements and deliver the work quickly. We use the theme chosen by the client and based on their needs.

We deliver services to multiple market segments for clients worldwide. We utilize cutting-edge technology and offer high-quality WordPress solutions with quick turnaround times from our accredited developers. When you hire our experts, we ensure that we adopt a versatile and collaborative approach throughout the entire project. By recruiting us, you will have access to a skilled team of developers who will work with you.


The WordPress website is very easy to use.

User Management

The admin can manage the site and allow others to participate in it.

Easy Theme

The website has a clean and beautiful theme.


SEO plug-ins help with fine-grained SEO control.

Latest Technology

We use all the latest technologies to create the website.

Easy Publishing

The post can be easily created and published.

What makes us different from others?

We are proud of our work and make an effort to uphold our principles. From the very beginning, Times IT takes the time to understand your goals and company objectives.


Development of a Responsive Website

Having a completely responsive website allows you to connect with users on any platform.


Development of E-Commerce

Times IT can help you get started with selling online by creating a custom e-commerce website for you.


Upkeep of the website

Ensure that your content remains fresh, your users stay engaged, and your website operates smoothly.


Development of a CMS

Using a custom-built CMS can assist you in effectively managing your content.


Third Party API’s Integration

If you are using any third-party software and want to integrate it into your eCommerce store, we can also do that!


Security Features

We ensure that your website is 100% secure and safe using the latest security protocols.

Compatibility & compliance

By following the cross-browser compatibility approach to design, we make sure that your solution functions correctly on all browsers.


Why use WordPress? It is a tool for creating and managing websites.

WordPress is a flexible and easy-to-use website builder. It offers numerous plug-ins that help increase functionality. Users have full control over files and data. WordPress can benefit various types of websites, such as blogs, personal sites, business websites, and e-commerce stores.


It is easy to use and update and does not require technical knowledge.


There are several free plug-ins available that offer a smooth experience for managing and updating the website.


Regular updates ensure security for blogs and websites.


You can find countless guides, free e-books, and videos online to help with WordPress.


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Website Content Copy Writing

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Creating a custom WordPress Website vs. Custom HTML website

In today’s digital age, the art of web design has evolved into a myriad of possibilities, offering distinct avenues for creating a unique online presence. Two prominent options that often stand at the forefront are custom WordPress and custom HTML website designs. In this exploration, we’ll delve into the nuances of each approach, highlighting the advantages and considerations that come with them.

WordPress: Empowering Your Brand with Ease

Opting for a custom WordPress website template opens the door to a user-friendly journey of crafting your online brand identity. WordPress, renowned for its role as a content management system (CMS), grants the power to make site modifications without requiring prior expertise in web development.

While navigating WordPress’s intuitive interface is accessible to newcomers, complexities arise when seeking extensive customization. Deeper alterations might necessitate delving into the website’s backend, a realm often best handled by skilled developers.


Custom HTML websites, on the other hand, embody a more profound level of customization. Constructed from the ground up through intricate HTML coding, these websites exude a distinct character that showcases a mastery of coding artistry. However, this path is reserved for those well-versed in the language of code, as crafting such websites requires coding expertise akin to a wizard’s spellbook.

Collaboration with professional web design firms becomes essential when creating custom HTML websites. A team of adept developers can meticulously craft a digital masterpiece that aligns with your vision, albeit with a more constrained avenue for future self-driven upgrades.

The Convergence of Results: WordPress and HTML

While the paths to creation differ, the culmination remains consistent – both custom HTML and custom WordPress websites deliver tailored online experiences. The distinguishing factor lies in the degree of hands-on involvement. HTML sites require intricate backend coding, while WordPress bestows a more user-centric design approach.

The Crucial Aspect: Online Visibility

In the realm of custom web design, successful websites hinge on visibility. For those seeking to amplify their online presence, WordPress emerges as a prime contender. Expert WordPress web development can craft visually captivating websites with seamless navigation and enticing calls to action. These designs are not only appealing to visitors but are also tailored to align with optimal SEO practices.

The Intrinsic Strengths of WordPress Design Services

Choosing WordPress website design services presents an array of benefits, each contributing to a powerful online presence:

  1. Design Flexibility: Leveraging the expertise of a WordPress developer grants the ability to curate diverse websites – be it business platforms, forums, or eCommerce stores. The extensive collection of free WordPress themes simplifies the process of design customization.

  2. User-Friendly CMS: The WordPress CMS is engineered with simplicity in mind, ensuring that content management is a breeze for all users. Effortlessly updating web content and witnessing immediate changes via the intuitive interface eliminates the need for technical prowess.

  3. Enhancing Efficiency with Plugins: In tandem with its visual editor, WordPress boasts a treasure trove of plugins. From dynamic forms to captivating sliders, these extensions empower websites with captivating elements, creating fully functional online spaces.

  4. SEO Friendliness: A strong foundation for SEO is facilitated by WordPress’s user-centric themes and plugins. Incorporating keywords, metadata, and optimized images becomes seamless, promoting higher search rankings and better user experiences.

The Road Ahead: Attracting Visitors and Generating Leads

Collaborating with a WordPress website design agency accelerates the journey toward an optimized website. This approach ensures a swift, cost-effective realization of benefits, ultimately attracting visitors, generating leads, and fostering conversions.

Responsive Design for the Mobile Age

In an era dominated by mobile usage, responsive design is imperative. Ensuring a consistent experience across devices, a responsive WordPress platform caters to the diverse needs of users, regardless of their chosen browsing tool.

WordPress SEO Services: A Necessity for Success

Among the vital services offered in WordPress web design, SEO stands out as a linchpin for success. Crafting a custom WordPress website with SEO in mind guarantees improved search engine visibility, driving organic traffic and enhancing conversions.

Partnering with Excellence: Times IT’s Legacy

In the landscape of WordPress web development, Times IT stands as a beacon of excellence. With a global reputation for innovation and trustworthiness, they employ a tailored SEO approach that propels businesses toward their objectives. Recognized by prestigious platforms like DesignRush and Yahoo, Times IT crafts strategies that navigate the intricacies of the digital realm, bridging businesses with their target audience.

In the pursuit of creating a distinctive online presence, the choice between custom WordPress and custom HTML websites is rife with considerations. As the digital landscape evolves, Times IT remains a steadfast companion, guiding businesses to their zenith.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Content Management System, or CMS, is like a helpful computer program. It lets people who own websites add, change, and look after all the different pages on their site. Think of it as the behind-the-scenes area of the website where updates happen. It’s like a secret room where you can put in new stuff or take out old stuff without needing to be a tech expert.

How Does It Work? Let’s say you have a website about your favorite hobbies. You want to add a new page about painting. Instead of writing complex computer code (HTML) or using tools like Dreamweaver, a CMS makes things simple. It’s like using a user-friendly app where you type in your new painting info, add pictures, and click a button to make it all show up on your website.

Why Is It Useful? Imagine you want to change the pictures on your website or update information about upcoming events. With a CMS, you can do it all by yourself! No need to call a tech person or mess with confusing code. A CMS helps you be in control of your website, like you’re the boss of your online space.

The Benefits of a CMS

  1. Easy Updates: You can change things on your website without being a computer whiz.
  2. No HTML Hassles: Forget about learning complicated code – a CMS takes care of that for you.
  3. Quick Changes: Want to add a blog post or update a product? A CMS lets you do it in no time.
  4. Less Techie Stuff: You won’t need fancy software like Dreamweaver or tricky FTP uploads.
  5. User-Friendly: Just like using your favorite apps, a CMS is designed to be simple and straightforward.

So, next time you’re exploring a website and see all the neat pages, remember that there’s a handy CMS working behind the scenes, making it easy for website owners to keep things fresh and exciting for visitors.

Think of WordPress as a magical toolbox for building websites. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of website creation tools. But what makes it really special is how easy it is to use. People all over the world love it because it takes the headache out of making websites.

Why is It Popular?

Imagine you want to build a sandcastle at the beach. Instead of crafting every grain of sand, you use molds to shape your castle quickly. WordPress is like that mold for websites. It’s used by a ton of people because it makes creating websites as easy as pie. You don’t need to be a computer genius to use it.

Creating Made Easy

With WordPress, you can design your website without getting tangled in complicated codes. It’s like using building blocks – you pick the design you like, add your content, and voilà, you have a website! It’s perfect for beginners and pros alike.

Many Flavors, One WordPress

Just like ice cream comes in different flavors, WordPress comes in two main flavors: and is like getting a ready-made ice cream cone – it’s hosted for you, but you have less control. is like making your own ice cream from scratch – you have full control, but you need to set it up yourself.

Plugins and Themes

Imagine you have a plain cake. You can add icing, sprinkles, and other decorations to make it awesome. That’s what plugins and themes do for WordPress. Plugins add extra features, like adding a contact form, while themes give your website a unique look and style.

Imagine you have a plain phone, and you want it to take amazing photos like a fancy camera. A plugin is like attaching a special lens to your phone that gives it superpowers. In the website world, a plugin is a pre-made piece of code that you can add to your website to make it do extra cool stuff.

WordPress is a popular tool for creating websites. It’s like a favorite choice among the best 100 blogs and websites in the United States. Plus, about 1 in every 5 websites all around the world uses WordPress. That’s a lot of websites!

One of the cool things about WordPress is that many people work together to make it better. There are a bunch of developers who help improve WordPress. Since so many people use it, there’s a big group of folks who want to make it awesome.

What’s really neat is that WordPress is open source. This means it’s like an open book for websites. You don’t need to hire a special company or person to update your website. You can do it yourself! So, if you want a website that’s easy to manage and lots of smart folks working on it, WordPress is a great choice!”

Lots of important places and big companies use WordPress. It’s like a tool that helps them make websites. Even really famous ones like TechCrunch, The New Yorker, and BBC America. Cool, right?

Even huge businesses that you might know, like Sony Music, Best Buy, and Xerox, they use WordPress too. And even fancy places like Harvard Business Review use it to make their websites. So, it’s not just regular folks like you and me – even the big shots use WordPress to make their websites look great!

Yes, we create websites that function well on mobile devices.

Absolutely! WordPress cares about keeping things safe. They make updates to it around 4 to 8 times each year. That’s more often than many other apps get updated. These updates are like adding new locks to your house to keep it secure.

These updates make sure that your website stays safe from bad guys who might try to do harm. So, if you use WordPress, you’re in good hands. They’re always working to make sure your website is protected and uses the latest version.




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