Logo Design Services

An effective visual identity can help to define your brand. Your logo is one of the most important aspects of your brand identity as it is a symbol that will represent your company.

A welldesigned logo can communicate your brand values to customers and help you to stand out from the competition. Our team of experienced designers can help you to create a logo that reflects your brand identity and makes a lasting impression.

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Imperfect Logo Design means no credibility.

A perfect logo design is essential for any brand that wants to be taken seriouslyTimes IT can help create a logo that will inspire customer confidence and loyalty.


Every Business Need Custom Logo Design For Their Brand.

Creating a custom logo is an important step for any business. It is a way to make your brand stand out from the competition and to show customers who you are and what you stand for.

Times IT is experienced in creating custom logos that are both presentable and unique. When creating a custom logo, we take several factors into consideration. We research the market to see what other brands are doing and ask you about your brand and what you hope to achieve with your logo. We then create a logo that is fit for you and the market. Resourcefulness, endurance, and suitability are the three main factors we focus on when customizing logos. We want to make sure that your logo is able to withstand the test of time and that it is a good representation of your brand. If you have any specific requests or ideas for your logo, we are always open to hearing them and incorporating them into the design. If you are interested in having a custom logo designed for your business, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and create a logo that is perfect for you.

Times IT lets the clients customize the logo design pricing package. Set prices as per your requirements!


“How We Create a Perfect Logo?” GUARANTEED!

A logo is not just a pretty design. The shapes, colors, and fonts work together to create a unique identity for your brand. It should be an accurate reflection of your company‘s culture and values. A great logo is one that is memorable, timeless, and versatile.

Creating a logo is a complex process that requires a lot of thought and consideration. The Times IT team understands this and is dedicated to creating the perfect logo for your brand. We take the time to get to know your business and what makes it unique. We then use this knowledge to create a logo that accurately represents your brand.

We believe that a great logo is the cornerstone of a strong brand. Thats why we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the logo we create for you.

Our 10-point primer and checklist are free. If you want to make sure you are engaged in the correct design process.

Our Brand Design Services Include (But Are Not Limited To):

At Times IT, our stationery designs and logos are created to mark an impact. An image that can last for so long!

Unlimited Revisions

We offer unlimited revisions on our designs so that our customers can be satisfied with the final product. We want our customers to be proud of their logo, and our team is ready to revise the design until it meets their expectations. So, don't worry about it.

Fast Turnaround

Fast Turnaround

When you work with Times IT, you can expect a fast turnaround on your logo design. While other companies may take weeks or even months to deliver a new logo for your business, we can typically have yours completed in just a few days.

Multiple File Types

Multiple File Types

We understand that your logo will take many different forms in the real world. For this reason, the Times IT logo design team will provide you with the file in all the required file types. This way, you will be able to use your logo in any situation, without having to worry about whether or not you have the right file type.

100% ownership

When you work with us, you can be assured that you will end up with a design that you love - and that's because we transfer complete copyrights and ownership of the logo to our clients. Once the design process is completed and the client says YES to design, we give them 100% ownership.

Permanent File Storage

Permanent File Storage

We understand how important your company's logo is to you. That's why we keep a permanent record of every logo project we work on. So if you ever lose your master file, you can always come back to us and we will be more than happy to provide you with a new one.

100% Original Designs

100% Original Designs

At Times IT, we pride ourselves on creating unique and exclusive designs for our clients. We believe that copying or making changes to existing logos is not our style and that every client deserves a 100% original design.

Our 90-Day Guarantee

Our 90-Day Guarantee

Our company offers a 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee to all of our customers. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and if you are not satisfied with our products or services, we will quickly return your money.

Minimalistic Logo

A minimalistic logo is a logo that is designed with only the essential elements. This type of logo is often used by companies that want to convey a simple and straightforward message. The minimalistic approach can also be used to create a more modern and sleek look.

Integrity & Trust The Pillars Of a Good Business

2500 +
100 %
12 +
1000 +

Highly Rated Custom Logo Designs

Creating phoenix, ultra-modernization logos are our work genre.
Every element of the design is added to speak for the company`s ideologies.

Small Business Starter kit Package.

Logo Design

2 Logo Design Concepts

Grayscale Format

Free File Formats (Ai, Jpg, Psd, Png)

Copyright Protection of the Logo

2 Dedicated Designers

Stationery Design

Business Card Design

Letterhead Design

Envelope Design

Compliment Slip Design

Identity Card Design

1 Standy Design

Email Signature

Website Design

5 Page Website

Custom Home Page Design

10 Stock Photos

10 Email Addresses

Responsive Website

Cross Browsers Compatibitlity

1 Year Domain Name

1 Year Hosting

Brochure & Banners

1 Flyer Design

4 Pages Brochure Design

1 Banner Design

Social Media Covers

was $2990


70% Discounted Price


BBC`s new logo is simple but it cost $1.8 Million

The BBC‘s new logo is a simple, yet modern, update to their previous logo. The new logo cost the BBC a whopping $1.8 million, making it one of the most expensive logos ever designed. The previous logo, which was designed in 1997, was in the Gill Sans script. The new logo is a departure from the previous logo, but still maintains the BBC‘s brand identity.


Why Times IT is a Perfect Choice for Your Company?

At Times IT, our logo design team works with a futuristic and diverse approach. We are not limited to creating a logo to give your brand a visual presentation. Our designers aim to add a positive spark to your brand`s image through logos. The only appealing design is not enough for our team. To make a brand stand out and mark a unique image is our motive. Our way of working includes the production of costeffective, understandable and lucrative designs

Choosing Times IT as your company`s logo design team is the perfect choice for your business. We are dedicated to creating designs that are not only appealing but also cost-effective and easy to understand. Our goal is to help your brand stand out from the rest with a unique image that will leave a lasting impression.

Well-Crafted Custom Logo Designs.

When you come to Times IT for a logo, you can be sure you‘ll receive a wellcrafted, custom logo design. Our logo designs are known for their minimalism and sophistication, and our team of design geeks are experts at creating memorable images that will perfectly represent your brand.

We’ll work with you to understand your specific requirements and craft a logo that is a perfect fit for your business and the market you operate in.

Our designs are always 100% unique, nicheoriented, modern, and creative we‘re confident that you‘ll love the final product.

Versatile And Adaptable Logo Design.

A versatile logo can be used on different platforms such as business cards, social media, billboards, websites, and tshirts. This allows people to see the logo in different places and helps to create brand awareness.

A good logo should also be adaptable. This means that it should be able to be used in different ways depending on the context. For example, a logo for a website might be different than a logo for a business card.

 At Times IT, we understand the importance of having a versatile and adaptable logo. Our team of design experts will work with you to create a stunning logo that meets your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more!

Bring Ideas Into Reality.

Bringing ideas into reality is what we do best. We take your concepts and craft them into a professional and memorable logo design that accurately represents your brand. Our team of skilled designers will work with you to create a unique and eyecatching logo that accurately reflects your company‘s values and mission.

We spend time studying and thinking about the best representation of every brand.


Diverse Logo Designing.

Diverse logo designing is the process of creating a logo that is unique to a specific company, organization, or brand. Logos design must fit perfectly on banners, envelopes, magazines, business cards, signage, t-shirts. Our designs are suitable for all these and for letterheads, stationery, social media profile pictures, brochures, apparel, e-books, etc as well.

SEO and diverse use of a logo are considered while designing to assure you can use it anywhere.


For All Sized Businesses.

We have successfully completed logo design projects for startups and mega businesses. Our portfolio includes designs for businesses of all sizes. We have catered to all business types and genres in the past and are up for all in the future as well.

E-commerce, marketing, technical or luxury products, real estate, fashion. We don‘t shy away from any project.


Minimal Yet Impressive.

Our Company specializes in creating minimalistic yet impressive logos. Their logos are modern and follow future design trends. They keep their logos simple without sacrificing the wow factor.

As we value your money so we try to deliver a combo of simplicity and sumptuousness through our designs.


Memorable And Profitable Logo Designs.

We specialize in creating memorable and profitable logo designs for our clients. We understand the importance of having a logo that is easy to remember, and we take care to create designs that will stand out from the competition. Our clients have come to us for our unique ability to create logos that make a lasting impression.

You might not notice it now but in the future, this quality of your logo will help your business a lot. Our custom logo design team is always ready to help you out.


Skilled, Professional And Creative Team.

At Times IT, we pride ourselves on our skilled, professional, and creative team. We haven‘t hired people who only know how to use design software we call our team Design Geeks for a purpose! Our team includes design professionals who are good at concept building and research. Each designer can work on different software to bring out the best in each project. Plus, our team is creative and very good at understanding what our clients want.

Our Designs Are Not A Visual Representation Only.

We create bespoke websites and digital products that engage, inspire and deliver results. We work with a range of clients, from small businesses to global brands, and have a proven track record in delivering effective digital solutions.

Our team of designers, developers and strategists are passionate about what they do and are always exploring new ways to push the boundaries of digital.

We believe that good design is about more than just how something looks its about how it works. Our designs are not just a visual representation of your brand or your message, but a carefully crafted user experience that is designed to achieve your specific goals.

We take a holistic approach to our work, and our aim is always to create digital solutions that are both effective and beautiful. We believe that the best work is a result of close collaboration between client and agency, and we work hard to ensure that our clients are involved and informed at every stage of the process.


Why you should choose Times IT For Logo Design Services.

Internationally authorized and recognize as the top logo designing agency.

Expressive designs and incomparable eminence.
We have a team of highly experienced designers.
Revisions/tweaks on the selected concept.
8 different final file formats of your new logo design.
100% ownership of the final logo design.
100% Money-Back Guarantee
100% Unique Logo Design.
money back

Our Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a 14 days moneyback guarantee on all our products and services. This guarantee gives you enough time to try out our services and decide if it is the right fit for you. If you are not satisfied with our services for any reason, you can cancel your subscription and get a full refund.


Logo Design Process
(A Proper Guide Of Brand Placement)

Times IT applies the logic of logo rebranding to bring out the message of a company’s. We highlight your

long term objectives and strengths to empower your brand. Have a look to our logo process, its elements, and ultimate design


Types of different logo categories

One predefined formula cannot fit all niches. Ordinary designers work to fill the market space.
They are not much focused on suitable characteristics and individuality.

Times IT logo designers are technically and creatively advance. We have categorized logos
to give exactly what our clients are looking for.

Iconic Logo Design

Iconic logo design is all about creating a logo that is memorable and instantly recognizable. This is achieved by using simple, clean designs that are easy to understand and visually appealing. The best logos are those that can be easily identified even when they are seen out of context. This is why many iconic logos are based on simple shapes or symbols.

Wordy Logo Design

Designers use words and letters to create a visually appealing design. This technique is called typography, and it is an art form in itself. When typography is combined with other design elements, such as color, the results can be truly amazing. At Wordy Logo Design, we pride ourselves on our ability to create sophisticated designs that are both simple and balanced.

Illustrative Logo Design

These are dynamic and very artistic logos, mainly revolving around principles of niche marketing. We excel in illustrative logo designing and make your company stand out stupendously. Colors, themes, and artistic elements are incorporated to mark an assertive impression.

Emblem Logo Design

An emblem logo is a design created to support the concept of a company’s services or products. Emblem logos are very interactive and niche specific. They are also subjective yet very prompting.

Mascot Logo Design

Mascot logo design is a type of logo design that uses a humanist character-based or cartoonish representation of your brand. The Times IT design team specializes in creating very defined and sharp graphics with complete artistic touches that bring your logo to life.

Do you have Custom Logo Design Brief?


Pricing & packages.

Our branding and logo design packages are very suitable for both market newbies and popular brands. You can select any package as per your requirements and also make changes to these packages. No matter whether it is about a single logo or a bulk of them we are equally productive in both cases.


Silver Package


1 Logo design

3 Redesigned Concepts

1 Day turnaround time

You own all design rights

Files supplied in all format


Gold Package


4 Logo design

10 Redesigned Concepts

1 Day turnaround time

You own all design rights

Files supplied in all format


Platinum Package


10 Logo design concepy

Unlimited Redesigned Concepts

1 Day turnaround time

You own all design rights

Files supplied in all format

Frequently Asked

It is very easy! Select the desired logo design package and fill the ORDER NOW form. Our project manager will call within a few minutes. We will take basic notes of your requirements and explain how to make payment.

We provide you Master file which is editable. We work following market standards. The design is created in Adobe Illustrator vector drawing program. So if you have Adobe Illustrator, you can easily edit the logo yourself.

The cost of a logo design depends on the complexity of the design, the number of colors used, and the number of revisions required. A simple logo design may cost as little as $50, while a more complex design may cost several hundred dollars.

The time required to design a logo depends on the complexity of the design. A simple logo may take only a few hours to design, while a more complex logo may take several days or even weeks.

After your logo is designed, you will receive a variety of files, including high-resolution and low-resolution versions of the logo in both JPG and PNG format. You will also receive a vector version of the logo, which can be used for print and web purposes.

Yes, a designer can help you execute your logo idea. You can provide the designer with a sketch or description of your idea, and they will create a digital version of the logo.

Yes, we can help you determine the type of logo you need. We will ask you questions about your business, such as your industry, target audience, and company values. Based on this information, we will make recommendations for the type of logo that would be most effective for your business.

You can avoid making a logo design mistake by working with a professional logo designer. A designer will help you create a logo that is simple, effective, and easy to use.